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we shut the doors on Langarth
January 2014

After much deliberation, Matt and Helen decide to wrap up Langarth (the agency Matt founded at University), in pursuit of a dream!

That dream was Agency Core!

a twinkle in our eye
March 2014

We set out with a simple goal. Take the software we had built at Langarth and turn it into a tool that would help all small agencies to grow!

We created some basic mockups and set about MVP testing with as many agencies as we could find.

the highs and lows of start up life
October 2014

To bootstrap our fledgling business we sold everything that wasn't strapped down; including Matt's car – he's still sulking.

We used our limited resources to eat (occasionally) and sponsor the odd award, which helped us to meet even more agencies and validate our proposition.

the call of the north
November 2014

Getting desperately low on cash, we decided to look for funded accelerators. We got accepted on to several programmes.

We felt our best bet was the UP Accelerator in Edinburgh!

As bonefide southern-pansies we weren't sure if we could survive a Scottish winter, nevertheless we set off for pastures new!

up, up and away!
November 2014 to February 2015

With only two weeks notice that we had been offerred a place on the UP programme we had very little time to source accomodation... our solution? A motorhome of course!

Over the next 75 days we shivered, we designed and we coded.

We developed as fast as we could and at the end of the programme we had a fully functioning product!

number one client!
March 2015

Taking our shiney new version of Agency Core, we travelled the country in our little motorhome, visiting potential customers and sharing our vision.

The wonderful team at Fountain were our first fully-fledged users of Agency Core!

We're pleased to say, they're still with us today!

life's a pitch
June 2015

Our initial traction made us realise that we had an viable offering and in the summer of 2015 we started to look for investment to fuel our growth.

We pitched at loads of cool places, in Edinburgh and London. Even at Channel 4 HQ!

can you replace the pineapple?
December 2015

We secured our first seed investment in October.

And in December Andy Berry joined us as our CTO.

time to go do
January 2016

At the start of 2016 we joined the Entrepreneurial Spark programme in the Edinburgh hatchery.

what does success look like?
April 2016

With the addition of Andy on the team, Matt and Helen were able to start promoting the business more.

We started with our YouTube series, What Does Success Look Like?

the motorhome legend
Summer 2016

We originally bought Damona (the motorhome) simply for accomodation. She's since become part of the Agency Core story!

We still use the van to travel the country for events and customer visits.

creativity takes courage
Summer 2016

Matisse said that.

We love our industry. We travelled all over the country in the summer of 2016 speaking at events and meeting some of our creative heroes.

continuous development
September 2016

Alongside all the travelling and promotion we continued to develop the product. Often we ship an update every week!

We're extremely proud of what Agency Core has become.

international corgi of mystery
December 2016

Every hero needs a sidekick and at the end of 2016 we were joined by our wee pup, Agent C!

an award winning team
January 2017

At the 2017 Entrepreneurial Spark awards we won an award for our teamwork and growth.

The awards were fancy dress, naturally the whole team went as Minions! #banana

There's plenty more to come!

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